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Heatmate Wood Pellets

Heatmate Wood Pellets are a high quality, easy to use heating solution. They are available as 15kg bags of pellets in hard wood and soft wood varieties. Designed for pellet fireplaces and stoves, which are a contemporary, practical and popular heating system, they require minimal effort to operate.

Made from renewably sourced materials, Heatmate pellets are affordable and save Australia’s trees, while still spreading toasty warmth to the home through an ambient flame or water driven central heating.

Heatmate Wood Pellets are ideally used in a pellet heater. Pellet heaters, once installed, are a long term solution to the cold.

As Heatmate steadily flows from the storage hopper into the burn pot area, the pellets generate a reliable source of heat. The clean burn of the pellets is customisable as a cosy flame in a fireplace or a hidden generator and water circuit that comfortably radiates warmth into the building.

Check out this handy guide to burning Heatmate Wood Pellets.

Australia’s most popular choice for wood pellet heating, Heatmate is engineered to reduce smoke and ash production. This means Heatmate is not only a sustainable heating alternative, but a great option for cleaner living.

Heatmate is produced in Victoria from wood destined for landfill. Proudly local and sustainable, pellets are available in 15kg bags.

With Heatmate, experience innovation in efficient and sustainable pellet heating technology. Click here to order Heatmate Wood Pellets today.

Heatmate Briqs

Heatmate Briqs are long lasting, clean burning fuel briquettes. An affordable carbon neutral solution, they are engineered to be easy to use and highly efficient.

Convenient and clean, Heatmate Briqs produce negligible smell and ash. Each briquette is sourced from 100% recycled hardwood and manufactured under immense hydraulic pressure. The high density of Heatmate Briqs creates a source of intense heat that is neat and easy to store.

Heatmate Briqs are the ideal heating solution for homes, businesses and recreation. Proudly made from locally sourced renewable materials, Heatmate Briqs are a practical and eco-friendly solution for clean living.

Like traditional hardwood logs, Heatmate Briqs get going with some kindling and ventilation, but have no sparks, pops or splinters, and come ready to be thrown on the fire, no axe required. Heatmate Briqs provide all the benefits of an open flame with none of the safety issues.

Heatmate Briqs are made from recycled hardwood under extreme hydraulic pressure. They must be kept dry to ensure they burn cleanly and efficiently. Each Heatmate Briq provides exceptional heat output without the level of smoke, ash or carbon dioxide emissions typical of fossil fuels like coal.

Practical and cost effective, Heatmate Briqs are the next step in heating innovation.

Heatmate Briqs are easy to stack, store and transport. They can be used in traditional fireplaces, wood fired ovens, pot belly or combustion stoves, barbeques and fire pits. They are a versatile, innovative heating option.

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