How to Use

How to use Heatmate Pellets

Heatmate wood pellets are manufactured to meet the high quality fuel requirements of pellet heaters culminating in the most efficient form of natural wood heating available.  To ensure you get the best performance from heatmate pellets in your wood pellet heater it is important that follow the user instructions provided by your pellet heater manufacturer.


How to use Heatmate Briquettes

Heatmate Briquettes are design to be a direct replacement for hardwood logs, but much easier to use and more efficient.  The can be used where ever hardwood logs have been used, such as traditional fireplaces, wood heaters, firepits, or pizza ovens.  And the follow the same process, only it is easier, see the table below:

Step Hardwood logs Heattmate Briquettes
1 . Prepare the wood Sort out what pieces you have and split them to the right sizes. Heatmate Briquettes are all the same convenient size andready to go
2. set and light the fire Use paper and kindling to get the fire started. Use paper and kindling to get the fire started.
3. put the wood on Once the fire is established place some smaller pieces on the fire. Once the fire is established place a few Heatmate Briquettes on the fire.
4. monitor for sparks Split wood is prone to sparks and embers be expelled from the fire, put a screen in place and be ready to respond to a flying ember. Heatmate Briquettes don’t spark.  So once the kindling has burnt you don’t need to worry.
5. add wood as required Keep an eye on the fire and add wood as required. Heatmate Briquettes are compressed they burn for twice as long as a similar sized piece of hardwood.
6. enjoy the experience If you are using a fire pit sit upwind of the fire. The timber in Heatmate Briquettes has been kiln dried so they contain less water and produce less smoke and ash.